When the dame entered my office, I read distress on her face like the latest grim headline in the local paper.

It was obvious she was interested in me, but why? Her physical beauty, sultry voice, and eyes any man could get lost in, made it hard to determine her intentions.


She needed a graphic designer.

The dame had done her research. She knew I was a sucker for interesting and challenging projects.

She knew I was capable of most anything and wanted to prove it in the worst way.

She knew how to push my buttons and she was applying the pressure nice and thick.

I am Jim Brothers, Graphic Designer.

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Every business needs a face. Your brand becomes the personality of your business. When someone sees your logo, your business card, or even the sign out front, they should be able to relate that to the experience you want them to have and the integrity of your business.

Whether you're just establishing a business or you are due for a "face lift," I can help you create a look that conveys the right message.


Ok, we've established your brand. Now let's make sure people know who you are, what you do, and why they need you. Right now, it is extremely important to set aside a budget for advertising. Depending on the size of your business, by placing an ad in the paper, a magazine, on a billboard, on TV, or any of the many, many advertising outlets, I can help you reach your target audience at the lowest cost.


They know who you are. They know what you do. Now it's time to create personal relationships with your market. Your clients should know about the sale you'll be having, the new products that just arrived, and the new service you're offering. Perhaps you want to inform them about an event you're sponsoring or you simply want to wish them a happy birthday and welcome them back in with a special discount.

Whatever the case may be, I can help you stay in touch with your clients, either in print form or electronic. Keeping your clients abreast with new developments or keeping them informed will maintain a strong relationship and keep your business fresh in their minds.


Magazines are a great tool to convey a message to a large audience and can be used to host ads and generate income. Regardless of whether you need help designing one page or an entire book, I can accommodate you. These days, magazines don't even necessarily have to be printed. They can be produced strictly for electronic transmission and be delivered in emails, hosted on your website, and can be viewed on mobile devices.


I know the value of old photographs. In fact, I'm quite nostalgic myself. Let me help restore and preserve those memories before they're lost forever. You can have them back in digital form or have them printed in any number of ways including posters, stretched canvas, and even have them framed.

Perhaps you are a photographer that wants to take your images to a more professional level. I utilize a variety of techniques that bring the best out of your photos and subject matter.